Local Living Economy & Sustainable Small Business

Partnering with regions to return economic power to local communities by strengthening sustainable local business and enterprise, local investment, local procurement, local supply chains, local food production and local manufacturing.

Art & Ecology Program

Since its establishment in 2005, the Ethos Foundation has integrated the creative arts within many of its sustainability activities, believing that the engagement between creativity and sustainability is fundamental to inclusive, intelligent and effective social ...

Sustainable Community Development

Sustainable Community Development

Collaborating with community groups and community leaders, local government and local business and economic networks to develop participatory engagement and governance initiatives that strengthen local resilience and prosperity beyond material wealth. The Ethos Foundation recognises that a susta...

Strategic Partnerships

Collaborating, partnering and networking with international, national and regional changemakers to share research, ideas, program outcomes, processes and challenges in order to improve the effectiveness of integrated sustainability practice. The Ethos Foundation recognises that partnering with oth...

2009/2010 Annual Report

The Ethos Foundation is a leader in sustainability education and consulting. We areĀ  committed to working in the key areas of Local Living Economy and Sustainable Small Business; Sustainable Community Development; Strategic Partnerships; and Art and Ecology.

We work collaboratively with international, national and regional sustainability leaders and consult to all levels of local, state and federal government; business and industry; and community.

Our skills and extensive experience reach across the areas of participatory community engagement; design and facilitation of learning programs and workshops; research; feasibility studies; strategic reporting and more...

We are part of the unfolding and urgent story to create more resilient, sustainable and meaningful communities.

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The Ethos Foundation is a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee.

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